Tibetan Sound Bowl - Chakra Healing

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Explore the mystical sounds of our newly arrived Tibetan Bowls, hand-crafted from a harmonious blend of seven metals, including silver, nickel, copper, zinc, tin, lead, and iron, with possible additions of cobalt, bismuth, and cadmium. These bronze singing bowls, complete with a mallet for ease of playing, produce a profound and rich sound that transcends the ordinary.

Dating back to 560-480BC, the tradition of Tibetan Singing Bowls has been a cornerstone in practices aimed at achieving relaxation, balance, and spiritual harmony. These bowls are renowned for their ability to induce a deep state of relaxation, aiding in meditation towards enlightenment and serving as a tool for healing and stress reduction.

Playing these bowls brings an immediate sense of centeredness, with their resonant tones fostering a “frequency following response” that synchronizes the brain's hemispheres. They are not just tools for meditation but also powerful in clearing your space and cleansing your crystals, creating an environment of peace and harmony. The act of engaging with these bowls connects you with the universal vibrations, enveloping you in sounds that resonate within and all around.