Tulku Oracle

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Searching for the truth? The Tulku Oracle is here to show us how to connect deeper to our world through the miracles that surround us.

This gorgeous deck contains 53 oracle cards offering us wisdom on many universals symbols, totems, amulets and elements. This oracle encourages you to go deeper, to lift the veil and surround yourself with your true inner knowing. Created with your healing in mind, the Tulku Oracle is here to assist you to align with your life purpose.

Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom offers the following praise about the Tulku Oracle cards, "They are subtle and mysterious drawing us inward to discover ourselves."

Based upon the five elements; earth, air, fire, water and metal; this deck is here to assist you on your healing journey. This beautiful deck features matte copper chocolate glitter edges, a magnetic box for safe and easy storage of your deck and a 5x8 inch guidebook. This 256 page book is chock full of magic. It includes an in-depth interpretation of each card, as well as helping oracle readings and spreads.

This deck is perfect for anyone on a spiritual path. It is here to illuminate and return you to the fountain of unconditional love and knowledge. A must have for anyone who is on a path of self-awareness and deeper understanding of our universe.


Why we love this product!

Did you know the Tulku Oracle started out as jewelry? Each oracle card has a matching totem that can be purchased on the Tulku website.