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Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

September 1, 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls,

How are you feeling these days? As the world continues to spin in and out of chaos, it becomes our work to remain centered and peaceful. Remember, you decided to reincarnate in this particular time/space continuum on this particular planet. It’s time to get clear about your purpose. 

As you take the time for quiet contemplation and reflection, do yourself a favor and just say no to productivity. A leftover trauma from the patriarchy, we’ve been told since birth that our worth is directly tied to what we do. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I encourage you to embrace the remaining days of “Lazy Girl Summer” with me this September. A time to “just be.” Remember that you’ve always been enough, you have magical superpowers and that the Universe just adores you. 

We can’t ignore what’s happening in the world (that’s called spiritual bypassing). However, we don’t need to take on that energy. We can become more objective and observant. As Lightworkers, it’s our calling to continue to shine the light in the darkness. Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

I love you,


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Virgo Tarotscope
Pacific Northwest Tarot

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – King of Cups

Emotional sobriety is yours for the taking. You’ve been working on yourself Virgo and it shows. You’ve learned not to let the actions of others affect your behavior. A perfectionist at heart, you have a tendency to judge others very harshly. You often judge yourself with the same stringent guidelines. While the rule book might not have changed, your reactions have shifted drastically. You’re learning not to give advice unless asked. You’re developing a sense of understanding around the expression ‘live and let live.’ While you might not drop everything and move to Fiji in a heartbeat (unless you have some serious Sagittarius placements), you’re learning to appreciate and applaud those lifestyle choices made by others. There is quiet observation instead of a need to control. You might giggle to yourself and say internally, “I would NEVER do that.” But instead of injecting your opinion or casting that choice as ‘bad’ you’ve shifted gears. You’re looking at the world with a new set of lenses. “How interesting!” you exclaim. You should be extremely proud of yourself and this new emotional paradigm. Your system is experiencing a profound sense of peace that it hasn’t in quite some time. Enjoy this sweet surrender. 

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Libra Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – Death

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, ‘what you resist, persists.” It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. It’s keeping you stuck. You’re often the peacekeeper of the group and can sometimes be conflict avoidant. It’s not because you’re scared to go up against your opponents, you just like the emotional weather to be peaceful and balmy. This month it’s time to stand up for what you believe in, set some serious boundaries and take that big leap. You’re ready. Your indecisiveness has come to a head and it’s time to pick a lane and go for it. Through this new energetic momentum you’ll experience a lot of discomfort (as not the norm for you), but a hell of a lot of transformation. You’ll come to the end of this month with a deeper understanding of your strengths and that conflict does not mean combat. You are allowed to disagree with others and can do so in your calm, cool and collected manner. You deserve to have a voice.

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Scorpio Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Moon

Some people don’t like the phase ‘shadow work’ but this is right up your alley, Scorpio. You’ve never been one who’s afraid to go in the shadowy depths to find the truth. And truly that’s all The Moon asks of us. It helps us shine that big, beautiful light into the places of our psyche long forgotten. Who needs to be forgiven? What traumas need to be addressed? Where are the spaces to grow and learn? Who is your biggest teacher right now? You have a profound ability to sit with uncomfortable feelings and that is exactly what the Moon invites in. How quickly we push these emotions away in our world with distractions: TV, our phone, our kids, adulting. This is a time to investigate what exists in the spaces in-between. What does your Highest Self have to say to you? While it’s not easy to do this type of self-appraisal, I know you’re up for the challenge. The coolest part? The Moon is also the space where creativity runs free. It might be the stuff of nightmares sometimes, but more often it’s the land of dreams. A great month to break out the paintbrush. What would all those feelings look like in color?

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Sagittarius Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Tower

The card of Divine destruction is never a welcomed sight, I’m afraid. The Tower is our Guides slapping us upside the head to get our attention. We’ve been on the wrong path for quite some time and internally we know this. We’ve just not had the courage to shift or change. Well get ready, as the universe is about to do it for you. Sometimes this can mean a job loss, a break-up or a need to physically move your space. These areas of life help our ego feel safe so it makes sense that we drag our feet when we need to make a change. However, the Tower can also indicate a spiritual awakening. Not the variety of us sitting on a mountaintop quietly meditating. No, this enlightenment is going to be quite uncomfortable. The Tower puts us up against walls and into tight spaces so we have no choice but to surrender and let go. For me this always shows up in my finances. I recently saw a video by a magical unicorn of a spiritual advisor who proclaimed that our money worries need to be redirected. We don’t want more money. We want more security. And who better to offer that to us than the Divine? A really important month for self-care and mindfulness. Be sure to speak to yourself like you’d speak to a child, gently and with unconditional love. You’re doing a great job even if it feels like chaos right now.

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Capricorn Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) – Two of Pentacles

Tell a Capricorn to establish balance is like telling a stand-up comedian to keep it PG. There is no sign who lives in more energetic extremes that you do Cap! Most of this has to do with your need to constantly grind. Your workaholism has reached an all time high and it’s time to take a break. You’ve been working so hard and for so long that somehow along the way you forgot to have fun. Sorry to be so harsh, but it takes one to know one. The Two of Pentacles is begging us to find our inner spark again. That could be through rest and relaxation, but knowing you, that probably looks like a game of competitive basketball. What are the ways in which you can honor your inner child and learn how to play again? It might have to be literal! Maybe it’s time to hit a toy store. I want you to make a list of all the things you used to love to do when you had more time. And then I want you spending the rest of the month of September with this as your new ‘to-do list’. What’s up first? A massive slip-and-slip in the backyard? A pillow fight? Painting pottery? A nap? Each day you wake up I want you to have a quiet lil conference with the silliest part of your internal soul. Ask that part of you what they want to do today. And while the dishes might pile up or some of the bills get paid late, you’ll be refreshed in a way you never knew possible. I promise all of it will be waiting for you when you return.

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Aquarius Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – Four of Wands

They say the opposite of addiction is connection and I couldn’t agree more! Your soul is thirty for some human connection and some good old-fashioned fun! This month you have an assignment that might be a bit nerve-wracking Aquarius. I want you to try to say “YES” to everything. “Do you want to go for a coffee? YES. Do you want to go play mini-golf? YES. Are you going to Brenda’s party? YES.” You’re such an independent spirit, but I’m afraid the alone time has turned into isolation. It’s time to get back out there and let some humans back into your life. And while some of these excursions might be a total bust, I promise you that half of them will surprise you. You’ll be kicking and screaming all the way down to the river, but once you hit that first rapid in your girl’s trip white-water rafting adventure, I promise your smile will be from ear-to-ear. All you have to do is show-up this month. You’re not required to be talkative or funny or make pleasantries. What other people think about you is none of your business. However, you do need to get out of your house and you know it. Just say YES and see what happens. Report back here in about 30 days and let us know how it’s going. I think you’re going to have a wild, entertaining and fascinating month!

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Pisces Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles often points to financial rewards, but for me it’s always been about the home. You’re in a space of redefining what family means and stepping into massive gratitude for the magical beings that you have in your life. This is a perfect month for you to nest. Go to Home Goods and load up on trinkets you never knew you needed. Plant a garden. Make cornbread from scratch. Turn off the TV and read your loved one bedtime stories. Build a fort in the living room and watch a movie underneath your couch tent. We get so focused on our careers and our future that sometimes we forget to enjoy the bounty of treasures that already lays at our feet. How can you go out of your way to make the people in your life that you love feel appreciated? It doesn’t need to be over the top. Maybe it’s letting a business associate know your gratitude for their efforts lately. Put a love note for your romantic partner in their lunchbox or gym bag. Do all the laundry or the chores for the household without being asked (even if it that isn’t your normal chore routine). There are so many tiny acts of kindness you can partake in this month, sweet Pisces. With each tiny action a massive miracle is performed. By expressing it outwardly you’ll let your system know that it’s loved, unconditionally and without restraint.

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Aires Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Hanged One

Stop, drop and roll Aries as the mess you’ve made is on fire. We need you in our world. You get shit done! However, you also have a tendency to be overly blunt in times when gentle honesty would do just fine. You’ve managed to hurt a few feelings. How can you shift and see things from a new perspective? What would your reaction be if you could step into someone else’s shoes? Someone can act poorly, but that doesn’t mean you need to meet them in the trenches. How could you rise above the noise and the nonsense to see things more clearly? Have you ever seen someone go so completely off the rails that you stop midway through the argument and ask them “Are you ok? What’s going on?” Treat everyone you meet this month with kid gloves. I want you to focus this entire month on turning down the dial on your defense mechanisms. If there was an epic battle among the star signs, I’d definitely want you by my side, Aries, as you are a formidable foe. There is no denying that you are a fierce warrior and that should be applauded. However, there is always a time and a place and that time is not now. Before you react I want you to count to ten in your head, even if that creates awkward silences. Ask this question internally first: “Why is this person behaving this way?” The answers may shock you.

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Taurus Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – Seven of Wands

Are you exhausted? The Seven of Wands indicates that this might be the case. You’ve had to wage a few wars these past few months and they haven’t always felt good. Maybe you’ve been setting some healthy boundaries. Perhaps you’ve been saying no to people-pleasing. As you honor your greatness with each step in your healing journey, those around you might have a temper tantrum. Pro-tip: how others react to your new and healthier actions is none of your business. Don’t dim your light to make other people feel comfortable. It’s the hardest part of being an awakened soul. Your relationships will shift and fracture much more than the average bear. This is because you’re committed to self-development and growth. Some like to keep it status quo and dig their heels into the “old ways”. It’s not your job to change someone else’s perspective. But it is time to create some awareness around how you feel around other people. Start being careful of where you put out your energy and perhaps some relationships need to be put on pause. You don’t have to keep making space for those who don’t respect your gifts.

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Gemini Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – Knight of Pentacles

Money has a flow and you’re in it, Gemini. The Knight of Pentacles indicates that you and your money mindset have worked hard to become friends.  You’ve let go of a lot of false beliefs. You’ve surrendered your fearful thoughts to the Divine and have learned how to trust. You’ve stepped into the energy of financial abundance and you’re starting to see the results of this tough emotional and spiritual work.Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! And if those old fears creep back in, don’t panic. Invite them into your home, but they don’t get to sit at your table. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we ignore our feelings. They seem to fester and grow, and sometimes come out sideways. Try this instead: “Hello fear. I see you, but I’m not going to entertain you. You’re part of an old belief system that no longer serves my highest and greatest good.” It’s amazing how quickly the feeling dissipates when we acknowledge it. Enjoy this blessed and bountiful time. I highly recommend doing something that feels very luxurious to you. My friend likes to buy heart shaped boxes of chocolates and take only one bite out of each one. LOL. Whatever feels extravagant to you is the focus this month. It’s a way of actively showing the universe that you’re grateful.

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Cancer Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Fool

Your inner child is rejoicing right now. The Fool is here to remind you to greet each day with the curiosity and sparkle of a toddler. Remember when everything was so new and exciting? I love the energy of this card. It’s unbridled by societal constraints. It says “no thanks” to the false beliefs that have been imposed on us by others. Instead it’s a fresh and free energy that reminds us that absolutely anything is possible. What world will you create in the next 30 days? How can you offer this powerful hope and optimism to those around you? You might want to use this positive burst of energy towards your creative endeavors. Is there a project that has been gathering dust? It might be time to take it off the shelf and get after it. You’ll bring new perspective and enthusiasm to the work that you couldn’t quite muster up before. I’m really excited to see what you create this month Cancer. The high vibe energy is infectious and you bring a lil bit of sparkle to everything you do this September.

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Leo Tarotscope
The Pacific Northwest Tarot

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – Ace of Swords

Your Guides are trying to get your attention. As someone once told me “it’s time to take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.” Leos live for the spotlight and it suits most of you well as you’re poised, confident and self-assured. However, has your ego grabbed hold of the wheel? What is being purely done for show and what actions are happening behind closed doors? Do they match? Do you emulate the type of person you think everyone else should be? Do you take your own advice? I think this month is a perfect opportunity to make extra time for self-reflection. Take time each morning to step up your meditation practice. Break out the journal. Find other ways to engage in self examination whether that be solo, with therapy or in a group setting. A retreat would be perfectly timed as it’ll give you a chance to break away from routine and devote your attention solely to peeling back another layer. There is more to uncover and your Guides are preparing you for big things ahead. You have important work to do on this planet. Right now before you pass it on, it’s time to do the work yourself first.

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