September Tarotscopes: Monthly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign
September Tarotscope

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

August 31, 2021

Raised on the east coast, I think back to those first crisp days of fall with fond memories. The smell of the air, the spectrum of brightly colored leaves all with a warm, rosy glow. That feeling, that element of coziness, is the vibe I’m getting this September.

This month we’re in a space of reprieve as we learn to self-soothe and that play is just as important on our healing journey as shadow work. We’re reminded to jump in a big pile of leaves, sip some hot apple cider and give our souls a respite filled with serenity. 

We have moved mountains emotionally in these past eighteen months and it’s been hard, dark-night-of-the-soul type work. We’ve all been in survival mode and our nervous systems are shot. While the pandemic is far from over around the globe, it’s essential that we sometimes take a time out.

Your inner child has been terrified and rightfully so. It’s time to offer him, her or they the tender loving care they so desperately need and deserve. The cards have a buoyant energy this month and they are encouraging you to get out there and have a bit of fun….guilt free.

I felt the Tarot of the Cat People was a good fit for the spiritual download of this reading. This deck always brings a smile to my face and the imagery is quite spectacular.

Much love to you,


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Virgo September Tarotscope

(Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Sun

This month it’s time to take a directive from the Beatles: “Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter. Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun do, do, do. Here comes the sun. And I say it’s all right.” This month, tap into the place of contentment where the sun shines once more. While life might feel like a maelstrom of craziness outside, I strongly suggest that you work hard on the environment that lives within that beautiful body of yours. How can you achieve that inner glow? What will bring you closer to the Sunlight of the Spirit? Perhaps it’s time to try out some meditation. I hear it does wonders. As the Buddhists say, suffering is our own creation. When we release attachment from the outcome and let our souls bobble and float in the spiritual flow that is where bliss can be found. It’s time to let go and in that process be filled with the nourishing emotional warmth you crave.

Libra September Tarotscope

(Sep 23-Oct 22) – Ace of Pentacles

Libra, I gotta admit, your balanced nature is one to be exalted during these turbulent times. A fan of luxury, you’ve got your priorities straight. Most people believe that ‘if only I have [fill in the blank] then I’ll finally be happy.’ You are most usually in a space of seeking emotional fulfillment which then in turn offers many of the physical rewards. This month is a prime example of that credo. The ace of pentacles indicates a windfall of opportunities and good fortune. Something magical is on its way to you. Be sure to be mindful of expectations but also balance that with allowing yourself to relish in the joy of these gifts. Your appreciation for the finer things in life is felt by the Universe and they know you don’t take these simple pleasures for granted. Enjoy the moment. You deserve it.

Scorpio September Tarotscope

(Oct 23-Nov 22) – Page of Pentacles

“Let go or be dragged,” is Spirit’s message for this month. You’ve been struggling with your money mindset lately (haven’t we all) and it’s time to bust through a lot of those false beliefs. It would do you some good this month to write down every single limiting thought that runs through your mind. Does your mind try to tell you’re not good enough? Not deserving? Are you crazy to think you could do it another way? Get it all out of your head and down onto paper. You’re then going to want to take that piece of paper and light it on fire (in a safe space that is fireproofed). As you watch it go up in smoke it’s time to finally release the negative chatter that no longer serves you. The brilliant thing about letting go? You are making room for something else. The Page of Pentacles, our scholar of earthly possessions, is standing right beside you, helping you internalize the lessons around scarcity and lack so you bring forth new ideologies around abundance.

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Sagittarius September Tarotscope

(Nov 23-Dec 20) – Six of Swords

I often find that Sagittarius is the peace keeper of the Zodiac. They often don’t interject into other people’s business as they hate it when others do that to them. Freedom is at the heart and soul of this sun sign. All that being said, this time it’s incredibly important for you to find your voice, my friend. You’re being tasked to speak your truth no matter what the consequences may be. While freedom is important to you, so is justice and truth. This conflict may feel overwhelming at first, but if done with love and compassion both parties can walk away feeling seen and understood. And while you might not change anyone else’s opinion, you did open their eyes to a new way of seeing things. My guess is that they offered you the same inspiration. We grow and develop much faster when we recognize that perhaps our way isn’t the only way. Before I go I’ll offer you one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Suess: “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”

Capricorn September Tarotscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 20) – The Ten of Cups

One thing I know for sure: a breakdown is always a prelude to a breakthrough. Cap, you’ve definitely been experiencing a dark night of the soul. Your main objective is to always feel purposeful and you’ve lost your way in these recent months. The pandemic malaise has taken hold and much has lost its sparkle. Get ready to feel the grief and pain that has been shoved down for way too long. Let it loose and wash over you. As the tears water the garden of your soul you’ll be amazed at how quickly a rainbow appears in the misty storm clouds. Through this transformation you’ve been brought to your knees until the only thing left was surrender. Now that you’ve finally let go you’ll watch things shift back into place. It won’t look anything like you imagined. No, it’ll be better than your wildest dreams as contentment will be the greatest reward of them all.

Aquarius September Tarotscope

(Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Lovers

Recently I had a friend who kept pulling The Lovers and it left her confused as she was single. She inquired, “Does this mean my partner is on the way?” Perhaps, but more likely this time the Lovers are simply here to amplify the idea of duality. Rachel Pollack, the author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, offers that this card is always a reference point for white and black thinking. Is your practical life path truly aligned with your deepest, darkest desires? Are you recognizing the reflection of your soul in others in conversation? Are you ready to open your heart up to the ultimate mirror and enter into an intimate romantic relationship? In these lessons of the heart there is always a powerful experiential take-away. The Lovers encourage you to go deeper with your understanding not only of yourself but those around you. Are you ready to dive in?

Pisces September Tarotscope

(Feb 20-Mar 20) – Six of Pentacles

Are you in that divine flow Pisces? We’re taught as children about the importance of sharing our toys in the sandbox. How fascinating to watch that ideology shift as we age where it seems to be replaced with the intention of “every man for himself.” This card reminds us to reconnect with the part of ourselves that understands the infinite oneness of the universe. I am you and you are me. While it might seem a bit woo-woo at first, this month I want you to start playing with the idea that those around you are simply holograms of yourself. What parts of your soul are they illuminating? Pentacles rule the element of earth so as you catch these reflections try to focus primarily on finances, ego, sense of entitlement, detachment, money magic and reciprocity. Who owns traits in relation to their material wealth that you’d like to emulate? Who is providing an example that illustrates what you don’t want? Are you judging yourself or others merely on what’s in their bank account? This month is all about opening your eyes to societal cues so deeply embedded that we often forget they are there. Time to take the blinders off.

Aries September Tarotscope

(Mar 21-Apr 19) – Seven of Cups

It’s time to make a choice Aries before the indecision tears you apart. The Seven of Cups always indicates multiple options presenting themselves.  You’re not sure which way to turn. While decisions do have consequences, you are weighing them too heavily. So much so that you’ve buried your forward momentum under the heavy load marked “pressure.” It’s time to get clear on what you want and go backwards from there. What does a perfect day look like to you? Where do you live? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Perhaps you’ll realize that you’re already experiencing it and that these decisions are not as monumental as you had magnified them in your mind. If you’re in some need of manifestation it’s time to get clear with the magical ordering system of the universe. What tiny actions would need to happen to get you to that beautiful fantasy? Do the decisions that lie at your feet help feed that cause? Or are they merely distractions here to tempt you?

Taurus September Tarotscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)Justice

The Justice card is one of the most self-explanatory cards in the tarot. We all have some ideas around this concept. However, what I’m interested in investigating is how we put this archetype into practice. Most of us immediately shift our thinking to a dramatic courtroom case where right from wrong is easily defined. What if I told you that justice is much more essential in our daily lives than anywhere else. What small action could you take today for social justice? Could it be a donation? An uncomfortable conversation with a racist friend? Or could it be much more subtle. Could you make a point of buying something from a local business owned by a member of the BIPOC community rather than at a large conglomerate? Could you help someone often ignored feel seen and heard? Could you risk putting your foot in your mouth and getting hella uncomfortable to better understand someone else’s struggles? Justice doesn’t come from superheroes in capes. It comes in forms of random acts of kindness and compassion. Could you imagine the world if we all made a conscious effort to show up in this way?

Gemini September Tarotscope

(May 21-June 20)Two of Pentacles

Balance is the answer to your problems, dear Gemini. Never afraid to dive right in for a thorough self-examination, it’s time to discover where that fine line lives. When does self-awareness turn into self-deprecation? How can you learn to love ALL the parts of you? Every the parts of yourself that are ‘in progress’? This September as we embrace back-to-school season, I want you to enroll in the class called self-love. In these lessons you’ll discover ways to reconnect with your inner child, make time for play, step-up your self-care and learn the importance of phoning a friend.  You’ll start to engage in esteemable acts that tangibly help you incorporate the understanding that you are a good person. A good person with flaws, just like the rest of us! We’re all a work in progress. It’s time to slow down the look at the character defects and speed up the look at personality assets. You’re a walking, breathing miracle built in the likeness of the Universe. Tap into that inner knowing and discover that nirvana is only a thought or two away.

Cancer September Tarotscope

(Jun 22-July 23) – Knight of Swords

Fairy tales often give those in distress that they need to find a powerful force external to self to help them through significant challenges. While some might sit quietly waiting for someone to save them, you, my friend, are here to save yourself. The Knight of Swords is full of forward momentum and action. He’s never afraid to ruffle some feathers. As you embody the energy of this dragon slayer I want you to gallop towards a clear path forward. One that is unencumbered by the negativity that swirls around in your head. Ride fast and steady on your trusted steed cutting down the vines of societal constraints that no longer serve your best interest. Why have we decided to buy into the bullshit that you can’t do certain things after a certain age? Why is sexism still alive and well? Why do females buy into the patriarchal lie that we must be in competition with one another rather than collaboration? While you might not have been able to see the forest from the trees, you’ve suddenly arrived upon an emotional clearing. What’s your energy and what is the host of deceitful ideologies that your system has incorporated into its own?

Leo September Tarotscope

(Jul 24 – Aug 23) – Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords energy is giving me 1980s Madonna vibes as of late. Masterfully intelligent and in charge of her trajectory, this artist has reinvented herself time and time again. Perhaps things have felt a little stuck or stagnant as of late. It’s time to get clear on your way forward. Start with your dreams and aspirations that might not have been examined in quite some time. We’ve kept these thoughts dormant as other worldly issues and crises have taken center stage. And please don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand and pretend these things aren’t happening. What I am saying is that the two can exist simultaneously. You’re allowed to grieve for others or horrible situations and experience joy at the same time. A novel idea, no? We have no idea what tomorrow brings and it’s time to remove ourselves from time out. Get out there and dream a little dream. Dive back into your heart center and express yourself once again. And while it might seem selfish or counterintuitive, just remember that it’s all just energy. Raising your vibe helps raise that of the collective, which is helpful for all of us, not just you.

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