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This magical Goddess is changing people’s lives with her magic. This undercover witch is here to help you cast a spell (ahem, ritual) to help you move big blocks and help align you with the life you’re meant to be living. Her rituals vary from fertility, money, love, health and so much more. Mel also works as a Doula and is trained as an Herbalist. Is there anything she can’t do? I’m so excited to interview her. Card readings for the audience if time permits!

Mel from Mel's Goddess Portal

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Free Tarot Card Readings

LIVE Crystal Sale

Instagram Live

Join me, Madam Adam and his husband Dustin, DustNdaWind, for a holiday crystal shopping extravaganza! Be sure to bring your helmets. It’s going to be bananas!


5:30pm MST



Tarot Talk with Ryan and Sarah

Ryan Blanton & Sarah Anderson

Secret Circle Sisterhood

This dynamic duo of boss babes is making community their credo with their very own Secret Circle Sisterhood. Opened to the public for the first time for a free open house, I can’t wait to learn more about what this project entails and why sisterhood is near and dear to their hearts.


5:30pm MST



Tarot Talk with Lexi

Lexi la Bruja

Indie Deck Review

This self-taught secular witch and tarot card reader is a modern day renaissance woman. When she’s not slinging cards, Lexi can be found writing up reviews for Indie Deck Review. I’m so excited to learn more about her tarot journey. Free card readings for the audience at the end of our discussion if time permits!


5:30 pm MST



Free Tarot Card Readings

CANCELLED – No Tarot Talk

Sorry to disapoint folks but Tarot Talk Tuesday is cancelled this evening as I’ll be in Florida for Spooky Con with Madam Adam and his husband Dustin!



Tarot Talk with Maura Green

Maura Green

Maura Green Jewelery

This talented fine jewelry designer shares our love of tarot and has brought the deck to life in her phenomenal new collection. Based upon cards in the major arcana, I’m so excited to learn how these gorgeous pieces were constructed and where her love of tarot began. 


5:30pm MST



Tarot 101: Learn the Basics About Tarot

Tarot 101: WTF is Tarot?

Featuring Madam Adam

Ever wanted to learn tarot but not sure where to start? In this two hour online workshop I break down the basics with my favorite tarot co-hort, Madam Adam. Click on the link to learn more! Space is limited.


12:30pm MST

FREE one card tarot card readings

Offered every Thursday on Instagram Live at 10:00 am MST by Jacqueline Stone. Simply set your reminder and join us on Instagram!

The Tulku Oracle is currently for sale

Buy your deck today and support this incredible indie brand!

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