Tarot School

Ever wanted to learn about tarot? Understand the cards and what they mean? How to read cards in spreads and for different questions? We’ve partnered with one of the best in the biz to bring you a six part workshop series. You are free to jump in anytime and we now offer previous classes as recordings so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed. 

Each class is taught by Jackie Stone, the founder of Totems and Tarot, and Madam Adam, a fabulous tarot card reader who has made quite the splash on social media. Adam has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok! 

The workshops are held on Zoom OR you will receive a link to a Zoom recording as a MP4. With each workshop purchase you receive a FREE downloadable workbook PDF, chock full of tarot facts and info to help keep you organized. See you in class!

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Wands and Cups Workshop

Join us for the 5th part of our tarot workshop series! You do not need to be an expert tarot reader or need to watch the previous workshops to join us. We wanted each one to truly be its own entity so advanced and beginner readers can jump in at any time they like.

We’re so excited to dive into the minor arcana! While the majors seem to be the star of the show, the minors contain all the day-to-day details where the magic really happens. We’ll be focusing on the suits of Wands (Fire) and Cups (Water) The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 14 at 12:30pm MST (2:30pm EST).

Tarot Workshop - Wands and Cups

Wands and Cups Tarot Workshop








Save the Date…

Save the date! These workshops are coming up in the months ahead. Information on how to sign-up will be posted on our social media accounts as well as in our newsletter.

Saturday, June 19 at 12:30pm MST (2:30pm EST)

Catch-Up On Previous Classes…

Let’s review the basics and give you the overall structure of the tarot. You’ll walk away with daily practices to get you comfortable with these 78 beautiful cards.

The Major Arcana or “Big Magic” offers us 22 fascinating archetypes. We’ll be reviewing the first 11 and how this relates to our personal “Fool’s Journey.”

The Majors Part 2 - Recording

Let’s finish our understanding of the Major Arcana as it relates to collective and the cosmos. These cards are the tools for our spiritual awakening.

Pentacles and Swords Workshop

Let’s begin our understanding of the Minor Arcana. While these archetypes might be ‘small’ they are might. It’s where the details lie.