Tarot School

Ever wanted to learn about tarot? Understand the cards and what they mean? How to read cards in spreads and for different questions? We’ve partnered with one of the best in the biz to bring you a six part workshop series. You are free to jump in anytime and we now offer previous classes as recordings so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed. 

The workshops are held on Zoom OR you will receive a link to a Zoom recording as a MP4. With each workshop purchase you receive a FREE downloadable workbook PDF, chock full of tarot facts and info to help keep you organized. See you in class!

Learn How to Read Tarot

Tarot School – Six Part Series

Join Jackie, the founder of Totems and Tarot, and Madam Adam to help you ground your intuitive gifts into reality. We want to help you become the tarot card reader you’ve always meant to be. In this six part series we review all the tools and skills you’ll need to feel confident reading the cards. 

You can purchase all six classes together for an immersive tarot experience. Or you can purchase them a la carte. As a bundle you save 15% on each class making it the tarot school opportunity of a lifetime. 

Thank you so much for choosing us to be your teachers. It’s an honor and a privilege. We’re so grateful to pass on this powerful knowledge to you.

Tarot School

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Let’s review the basics and give you the overall structure of the tarot. You’ll walk away with daily practices to get you comfortable with these 78 beautiful cards.

The Major Arcana or “Big Magic” offers us 22 fascinating archetypes. We’ll be reviewing the first 11 and how this relates to our personal “Fool’s Journey.”

The Majors Part 2 - Recording

Let’s finish our understanding of the Major Arcana as it relates to collective and the cosmos. These cards are the tools for our spiritual awakening and self-awareness.

Pre-Recorded Workshop

Let’s begin our understanding of the Minor Arcana. While they might be ‘small’ they are mighty. It’s where the details lie. Let’s explore the pentacles and swords.

Tarot Workshop - Pre-Recorded

Let’s further our understanding of the minors with a thorough review of the wands and cups. It’s where our emotions and our passions lie. Is all fair in love and war? 

Pre-Recorded Tarot Workshop

Let’s dive deep into the practical application of the tarot. Let’s look at different spreads, placements and interpetations. Let’s give you the confidence you need to read tarot!

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Enjoy all six classes together for an immersive tarot experience. As a bundle you save 15% on each class making it the tarot school opportunity of a lifetime. Normally $396 if you purchased each class individually, you can receive all six courses for $333, which just so happens to be our favorite angel number.

Our goal at the end of this workshop series is to leave you feeling informed, and more importantly, confident, to get out there and read tarot like a pro. You found us for a reason and we’re so excited to equip you with the tools and skills you need to become a powerful tarot card reader. 

See you in class!

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