The Fool
Matt Howard - Journey

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

July 25, 2020

Etymology speaks to my soul. Why study history when words themselves can offer such rich reference and truth? I appreciate that knowledge is often hidden in plan sight. Such is the way of The Fool. A dictionary definition immediately pulls up a human ridicule baked in stupidity and ignorance. Hmmm…how fascinating as ‘fool’ originates from ‘follis’ a purse of bronze and copper Roman coins dating all the way back to 300 a.d. Perhaps this fool has a few treasures he’s been hiding all along.

Tarot gives reverence to The Fool. Like a newborn baby he is the closest to source. Untouched by the false societal constraints and chains he wanders freely among the plains, soaking in the sun. He’s exhilarated to discover Mother Nature’s bountiful gifts. Often accompanied by his faithful angel, a wolf or a dog, he sets his sights upon the path before him with a curiosity and optimism that we in adulthood rarely personify. Simply listen to a baby laughing to understand the vibrational frequency with which he exists.

When The Fool arrives in your reading he is here to say hello to your inner child. The one who holds all the codes to your happiness and your ascension. We’ve thwarted her down with the ways of our world. She’s been misguided and somehow accepted our false reality as her own. Full of joy, the inner child needs to be nurtured and attended. The Fool is a happy reminder that all hope is not lost. This beautiful being still lives deep within and is happy to reveal the true codes of the universe when she is provided with a safe and stable place of knowing.

Perhaps The Fool is here to help you recognize your pain. The banquet of lies you’ve been fed since birth can be burned to the ground. What stories do you hold onto? What false beliefs do you carry? They are so heavy, so burdensome. Now is the time to let them go. Shed your pack of falsehoods and return to the path a little lighter. Not blinded by corrupt or greed you can see the vibrancy of our world so clearly. The butterflies return, the bunnies come out of their burrows. They come to greet you as they understand the tides of trauma have been washed away to send you free and naked out into the world. What will you discover after you’ve left your judgements at home? What will the universe reveal to you? Your inner child is so thrilled to have you back. They’ve been waiting patiently, often for decades, for you to come back to source and play.

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