The Magician
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Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

October 6, 2020

Deck Location: Major Arcana

Numerology: 1

Sun Sign: Aries

Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air

Attributes: Discovering life purpose, action, powerful manifestor

It’s hard living a life basked in honesty and soaked in spirituality. However, the Magician shows us the way. This all knowing powerful wizard transcends space and time, rooting esoteric concepts in our three-dimensional reality. Much like the fool, this card in the Major Arcana is brimming with childlike wonder, but in this case the hero is able to ground some of those lofty goals in the here and now.

Those of us on a healing journey often live in a state of survival. Our hearts heavy and our eyes dim, we trudge the happy road of destiny feeling lost, scattered and without hope. I know this part of the odyssey all too well. Spiritually bankrupt I found myself on the stairs of a church basement over eight years ago. The thoughts that pervaded my head were heavy and all encompassing. I was either going to jump in front of the F train or get help. Perhaps it’s The Magician who propelled me to grasp for the latter. 

You see The Magician is always at work, it’s us who dims his glow. This powerful force is moving us along in the shadows until one day we see the light. We dive deep into the abyss of despair, the one that we thought would swallow us whole. We can no longer run from it, but must face it head on. And much to our delight, this process is much gentler than the dangerous thought gang that runs the streets of our mind. 

Once the magic begins to take hold and the psychic shift begins, there is now space for profound emotional recovery. As we part ways with the beasts of shame and sorrow, we lay the tracks for a life devoted to the happiness of others. Surprisingly the spiritual teachers were right afterall: the more we devote our practice to the aid of another, the more we light up our soul. 

One day without rhyme or reason, happiness takes hold. You sit back and giggle at something preposterous. What is this? Joy? When the gleeful days start to supersede those dark, that is when the Magician really comes out to play. Intent on you living up to your full potential, your higher self, this archetype offers ways for you to reconnect with the laughter of your inner child and integrate that unconditional love into your actions as an adult today.

The Magician appears when we least expect it. Appearing out of thin air, this enigma with a direct connection to Source, gives us signs all the time. Often they are hiding in plain sight. When your vibrational energy is that of The Magician’s the day has tiny hidden treasures at every turn. The stranger in the supermarket who said, “You’re beautiful,” in a tone not mired in sexuality but instead, respect. The beetles that flock to the front of your house in a massive migration, the day after you confirm your scarab themed logo. The new client who let you know they felt seen and heard. These tiny miracles are divine sparks sent down to you in metaphysical thunderbolts. We just need to know where to look and often a small shift in perspective can put the magic back into view.

If you have pulled this card recently try asking yourself the following questions:

Where am I holding on too tightly?

How can I align my will with that of the universe?

Am I living a life of purpose? 

What feeds my soul and brings forth my highest vibration?

What tiny action could I take today that would move me towards my goal?

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