Prosperity Gemstone Bundle

Prosperity Gemstone Bundle

Abundance is your birthright. May these stones help you remove blocks or any false beliefs you have around money and prosperity. You deserve to be wealthy.


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Everyone has a different relationship with money. We need to nurture and honor our experience with this tool, just like we would with a romantic relationship. These stones are excellent to use for a money altar, prayer, meditation or while journaling. May they help you clear what blocks you and invite in the abundance of the universe.

Citrine - The merchant's stone, this yellowish-orange rock offers us self-confidence and motivation. Associated with prosperity and abundance, citrine is said to bring good fortune to business endeavors. It also helps us clear away poverty consciousness.

Obsidian - The first currency on the planet, black obsidian removes blocks and acts as a psychic vacuum cleaner. It helps us uncover subconscious thoughts/patterns that hold us back. This is a great stone to hold in your hand while visiting a therapist or any other type of healing helping you along on your journey to love and self-acceptance.

Ammonite - Known by Feng Shui Masters as the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone," Ammonite promotes beneficial business dealings. It's spiral shape coverts negative energy into positive vibrations. This stone will help you realign with your life path through personal empowerment. It also can help release mental obsession around anything anxiety provoking.

Green Aventurine - This brightly hued gemstone offers us vitality, growth and confidence. It reconnects us to the zest for life and provides us with a more optimistic perspective. Aventurine also connects us back to earth energies so we can welcome Mother Nature with open arms and find joy in her abundance.

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My relationship with money continues to evolve. I was raised by two very mentally ill parents whose relationship to money lives in extremes. My father treats money as his God and as a way to offer manipulative conditional love.My mother spends it foolishly, consistently pushing herself back into scarcity and lack. I’ve worked hard to land somewhere in the middle: where money doesn’t control my every move, but is simply a tool used for me to create experiences and build a life filled with generosity and love. I think it’s always interesting to pause and reflect upon what you would do if you won the lottery. Not as much would change as you think…your thoughts are still the same. 

Jacqueline Stone

Magical Discoveries

Citrine has long been put in cash drawers by shop owners around the world. This powerful crystal is said to be a direct line to abundance and prosperity. I like to keep a piece in my purse. It’s always fun when you forget about it to have it pop up again while searching for something at the bottom of your bag. It’s a reminder to me about the infinite abundance of our universe. Anything else is just a lie.