Totems and Tarot - About Us
Totems and Tarot - About Us


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Jackie Stone

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Totems and Tarot! My journey here has been as colorful and varied as a kaleidoscope – from scooping ice cream to designing engagement rings, and a whirlwind of adventures in between.

But my true calling sparked to life at The Gemological Institute of America. While I delved into fine jewelry design, I discovered a deeper passion: crystals. And, oh, how that passion has grown! I admit, I'm a bit of a crystal connoisseur – each one is chosen with a discerning eye and a heart full of love, just for you.

Now, my days are filled with the serene hum of meditation, accompanied by my latest crystal crush, or the captivating dance of tarot cards. Tarot has been a journey of grounding and discovery for me, a tool that's reshaped my world. I'm thrilled to share this transformative magic with you, whether through a personal reading or guiding you to read the cards yourself. Here's to exploring the mystical together!

Gus and Friends

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Gus, the proud and fluffy mascot of Totems and Tarot, crowned by our vibrant Instagram family. My furry siblings – Pancho, Blanca, Daisy, and Blizz – might be a tad envious, but they love the magic we create together!

As your dedicated mascot, I bring a sprinkle of joy (and a bit of fluff) to each package. From our heart to yours, we're not just sending crystals; we're sending a piece of our happy, harmonious home. Let's embrace this journey of healing and discovery together, with a wagging tail and an open heart! 🐾✨

Some questions you might have...

It’s our personal opinion that anyone could benefit from a tarot reading. Much like cognitive therapy undercovers pyschological truths, tarot reveals what’s happening on a spiritual level. It allows us to identify patterns and beliefs and to see the situation at hand more clearly. If you have a question the tarot may have the answers you’ve been searching for.

The cards are portals into the realm of soul and dream, each with a living presence that invites us to learn about our own inner worlds through listening to the particular wisdom and insights they bring. Through receiving readings— either to address current issues one would like clarification or guidance with— or to go deeper into a dream and meet it through the language of symbols for better understanding, we receive surprising inspirations, guidance and healing.

There are many false beliefs around tarot. Tarot is a universal spiritual language that can be adopted by ANY craft or creed. The cards are simply a tool to help us connect with our Spirit Guides so we can better align our will with that of the universe’s, helping us to live our Highest Purpose. This practice is not set out to play God or Goddess, anger your conception of a Higher Power or judge your religious beliefs (if any). It’s here to act as an additional tool in your spiritual toolkit.

More FAQs

Please note that we do NOT accept returns at this time.

We ship out your packages twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, unless otherwise indicated (for example we take time off for holidays). All items are shipped out USPS Priority Mail as they are insured. Your crystals and other metaphysical tools are precious cargo and we want to ensure they are delivered to you safely.

If you need help with your order please call us using the number on the card enclosed in your package. If this is your first time ordering with us and have questions, simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We don't mean to be mysterious. We are trying to protect both you and us from scammers.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Please be careful out there! We are open and vulnerable in the metaphysical community and there are tons of scammers that try to take advantage of this. We would NEVER DM you to solicit a reading. Additionally please note that the only way to pay us for any of our services is through our website.