Buddha Bead Mala

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This gorgeous mala is constructed using hand-made clay beads. They are painted in gold leaf in the Buddha's likeness.

Use this gorgeous piece as a object of adornment or have it assist you with meditation. It contains the traditional 108 beads. 108 is a sacred number utilized around the world in a variety of disciplines. 

  • 108 = The times the sun's diameter is larger than the earth's diameter
  • 108 = The 12 Zodiac signs x the 9 Planets
  • 108 = 54 x 2, The feminine and maculine versions of each letter in Sanskrit
  • 108 = 1 for Higher Self, 0 for emptiness (an ideal in meditation), 8 for infinity
  • The list goes on...

This mala is about 40 inches long. Each bead is about 10mm wide.