Malachite Elephant

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This malachite elephant is a symbol of power, strength, and stability.

Its metaphysical properties are designed to offer protection and promote healing.  Malachite is believed to bring positive energy and good fortune, while the elephant is a sign of prosperity and success. Together, these elements create an inspiring and grounding metaphysical tool. The question is, where will this beautiful creature live in your home?

Please note that we do our best to source our crystals ethically and with integrity. This particular carving was sourced from a small family business in Africa. Not only are you supporting Totems and Tarot when you shop, but small businesses from around the world.

Why we love this product!

Is there anything more majestic than a malachite elephant? We love that this beautiful heart opening crystal is paired with the strength and stability of the elephant. A powerful totem for prosperity and luck.