Orien's Animal Tarot

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A gorgeous and gilded deck takes us on a journey of the tarot with animals as our Guide.

The Orien’s Animal Tarot is one of our favorite decks. The vivid colors and the silver edges elevate it’s aesthetic making the experience of shuffling feel luxurious and mysterious. 

Composed of 78 cards like a traditional tarot deck, the deck creator, Ambi Sun, used animals rather than humans as our archetypes. The 204 page guidebook is one of the most extensive we’ve seen with use of full color and an interpretation for each card. Not only do we get to learn about each card placement in the tarot, but why the creator chose that particular animal as the symbolic choice of the spiritual concept. 

This is a wonderful deck for beginners as the imagery keeps you engaged and hungry for more. It’s also an excellent find for a more experienced reader who will have fun trying to determine why the creator chose a particular color or animal before looking at the guidebook.