Starseed Oracle Deck

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Do you have a longing for all that is mysterious and unknown? Ever been told you are an ‘old soul’? The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell might have the answers you seek.

Are you a Starseed? You are made of stardust after all. This beautiful 53 card oracle deck, written by Rebecca Campbell and illustrated by Danielle Noel, is a shamantic journey amongst the stars. It helps us connect to the ancient knowing of our ancestral light bodies and drops us back into the magic of the collective unconscious. Tap back into your cosmic energy and awaken the knowledge deep within your soul that has long been forgotten.


Why we love this product!

The imagery of this deck is just absolutely breathtaking. You are immediately transported to another world, one where your creativity, hopes and dreams are given permission to run free. Connecting with this deck immediately drops us back into the cradle of existence, a place of serenity and love. We feel as though this deck has a strong vibrational pull. It seems to find it’s way into the hands of those who want a deeper connection with the magic of our universe.