Countdown: Top 10 Must-Have Crystals for Every Collector

Countdown: Top 10 Must-Have Crystals for Every Collector

Celebrating three radiant years of our crystal journey, we're over the moon to share our ten favorite healing gems with you. Each stone holds a special place in our hearts, having been instrumental in guiding us through our personal healing journey, especially amid historical traumas. So, let's take a mesmerizing journey backward from number 10 to our all-time favorite:

Gold Sheen Obsidian

10. Gold Sheen Obsidian

Not only is Gold Sheen Obsidian a treat for the eyes, but it has been pivotal in helping us identify and shed patterns that no longer serve us. By reflecting our deeper layers, this gem has time and again illuminated the road to self-betterment.


9. Septarian

This harmonious blend of colors and energies was a beacon during our journey of processing and releasing multi-generational trauma. Its grounding nature acts as an anchor, ensuring we remember our roots and draw strength from them.


8. Malachite

The swirling green patterns of Malachite are emblematic of its power to heal and activate the heart chakra. It has gently guided us into a state of flow, enabling us to embrace love and transformation with an open heart.


7. Chrysocolla

This rich blue-green beacon, also known as the stone of the divine feminine, was a balm for our soul as we navigated the complexities of the mother wound. It taught us to express and communicate with love and clarity.

Smoky Quartz

6. Smoky Quartz

Our trusty Smoky Quartz has often been the bridge connecting us to our ancestors. It's been instrumental in tapping into their wisdom and guidance, allowing us to draw strength from their experiences.


5. Lepidolite

Often called the lavender of crystals, Lepidolite's soothing vibes have provided solace during the most turbulent of times. It's like that reassuring friend who's always there, whispering words of comfort.

Polychrome Jasper

4. Polychrome Jasper

This vibrant stone has been our compass, always pointing us back to our life path. As the very first purchase of Totems and Tarot, it's a testament to our journey — from humble beginnings to where we are today.

Golden Healer Quartz

3. Golden Healer Quartz

A glowing sphere of Golden Healer Quartz sits proudly next to our computer — our beacon, our lighthouse. It's a daily reminder that our purpose is to unlock and share the potent healing power of crystals.


2. Fluorite

Our go-to for dispelling negativity, Fluorite has been a savior, replacing the dense with the luminous. It's like having a little sun, always shining its rays, ensuring we're enveloped in warmth and positivity.

Ocean Jasper

1. Ocean Jasper

The ultimate guide in helping us navigate life's ebbs and flows, Ocean Jasper has taught us the art of moving with grace and ease. Much like the ocean waves, it's been a constant reminder of resilience and adaptability.


Honorable Mention: Selenite An integral part of our daily routine, Selenite ensures our space is pure, our crystals charged, and our tarot decks infused with clarity. Think of it as a daily cleanse, preparing us for whatever the universe has in store.

Each of these gems has played an intimate role in our transformative journey. They've been more than just beautiful stones; they've been our allies, our guides, our friends. And as you curate your collection, remember, it's not just about possessing a crystal; it's about experiencing its essence, its energy, its magic. Dive deep, explore, and let the healing journey unfold.