Healing Angel Cards

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Do you believe in angels? This beautiful Healing Angels Card oracle deck helps us connect with our angels and gives us guidance, affirmations and love to carry throughout our day.

The deck by Toni Carmine Salerno offers "Loving Guidance from the Angels" in 55 oracle cards. May they inspire you and help you reconnect with the eternal love of our universe.



Why we love this product!

When I first got sober I was told to choose a "God of my own understanding." I was instructed to put together a help wanted ad for the Higher Power of my dreams. It had attributes like unconditional love, supportive, generous, thoughtful, always has my back, and bigger cheerleader. I knew that's what I wanted in a power greater than myself, but I had no significant touchpoints to pull from. I had recreated the trauma of my childhood in my adult life. I was with a friend in upstate New York and stumbled upon a tiny metaphysical shop that carried this little deck of cards. This angel deck has so much deep meaning for me. I still have the original box and I pull from it everyday. I hope it offers you the same solace and joy.