Halloween Tarot

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This fun take on the tarot is bringing Halloween to the craft. This deck has 78 cards like a traditional deck, however some things have changed to capture the spirit of the season. The major arcana cards remain the same, but with a spooky twist. In the minor arcana we see some fun Halloween changes. The pentacles have now become the pumpkins, the cups are ghosts, the swords are bats and the wands are Imps, symbols of creativity and enterprise. This deck is modeled after the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot deck making it easy to decipher these small changes whether you're an advanced reader or a novice. It's accompanied by a very informative and helpful mini guidebook that is 35 pages long.

This is a great tarot deck for a collector and a great gift to give to a friend. It's definitely a novelty and a great one at that!




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