The Outsider Tarot

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Ever felt like an outsider? The Outsider Tarot is for you!

Created by Bobby Agate, this colorful, whimsical and thoughtful tarot deck is here with some unexpected and magical new perspectives. Bobby writes, "From diva to drag queen, poet to hustler, rebel to hacktivist, essential worker to young migrant, renegade filmmakers to queer tattooist, transgender icon to uncompromising revolutionary, the Outsider Tarot was created to be an indispensable divination tool for anyone who lives beyond the boundaries of society."

This deck includes 78 brightly illustrated tarot cards composed of the Major and Minor Arcana. The 22 Majors have remained relatively the same, although many of them received new names and interpretations. The Swords have transformed into The Eyes, The Wands are now The Lights, Cups are Bottles and Pentacles are Roses.

It features an extensive 225 page Guide book packed with tons of powerful information on the tarot, included 2 pages for each card description. This gorgeous deck features silver gilding on card edges matches art box and book, giving it magical shimmer.

This is the perfect deck for a more advanced reader or perhaps a reader who has never connected with a more traditional interpretation of the tarot. This is an important and powerful deck that is a MUST HAVE for any deck collector.

The deck and guidebook are sold together.


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