The Wild Unknown Tarot

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Let's step into The Wild Unknown. It's the place where creativity runs free.

Probably no deck in modern history has created as massive a cult following as The Wild Unknown Tarot. This beautiful illustrated deck uses animals instead of people to explore archetypes and wisdom from the ancients. Kim Krans, the deck's creator, brilliantly uses color to convey energetic movement, emotion and heart-centered resonance. This is a wonderful deck for anyone who wishes to embrace a modern take on an old standard.

The enclosed guidebook provides suggests spreads, ways to learn about tarot and vivid descriptions for each card. No humans can be found in this deck - only nature and animals - making it quite the departure from the traditional Rider Waite Smith.



Why we love this product!

Just as magical as the deck, Kim Krans includes a delightful guidebook giving so much insight and wisdom behind each card's significance. Fun fact: Ms. Krans doesn't believe in using card reversals. We LOVE this take. How about you? Where do you stand on the card reversal issue?