Crystals for Healing

These magical shiny rocks are gifts for us from Mother Nature. We love gathering as a community each week to talk about their metaphysical meanings and how they can assist us on our healing journeys. Join us for our Instagram LIVE crystal sale, weekly on Wednesdays at 5:30pm MST.

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Expertise - Jackie has been trained at the Gemological Institute of America and did product development for a major fine jewelry house (with a blue box). She's a crystal snob and prides herself on finding high quality items for you!

Education - Each crystal sale is devoted to a powerful intension such as 'protection,' 'self-acceptance,' 'joy' or 'connection.' Jackie goes into great detail about each stone's meaning and how they can assist you on your healing journey.

Laughter - Many of us have been meeting weekly on the Instagram Live sales for years! We are a rowdy bunch and love to laugh. And we welcome anyone with a huge heart with open arms.

Value - We pass through any savings we receive from our vendors around the world directly to you! While we might not be the cheapest crystal dealer you've found, our price + quality is unmatched.


Soothes and protects.

Opens communication to astral realms.

Helps us return to bliss.


Helpful for those with big life changes.

Soothing and calming.

Moves us from reaction to action.


Embodies love in its purest form.

Can reignite our passions.

Embodies love in its purest form.


Excellent for entrepreneurs.

A powerful crystal for manifestation.

Stimulates playfulness and optimism.


Release from addictions.

Opens our crown chakra.

Offers energetic protection.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!


The crystal of purification.

Activates and heals the root chakra.

Enhances courage.


Supportive and kind energy.

Stone of friendship.

Encourages new beginnings.


Helps realign you with

your purpose.

Dispels negative energy.

Metaphysical vacuum cleaner.


Self-cleansing crystal.

A must have for any crystal collector.

Offers fresh new energy.


The stone of abundance.

Increases creative energies.

Protection from negativity.