Copal Incienso Maya (Copal Incense)

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Are you an avid tarot card reader? Looking for ways to clear your space? You might want to try this powerful copal incense which acts as an energy clearer. It burns away all negative energy and invites good vibes into your space!

Copal Incienso Maya is handmade in Mexico. It is manufactured with the purest resin extracted by the copal tree, copalquahitl. This incense preserves the traditions of the oldest Mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations who used copal in their offerings and rituals for purification. Please give thanks to our ancestors when lighting this powerful cleansing incense. Invite the ancients in to help you with your work.

This package contains 8-9 handmade incense sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 2-3 hours.


Why we love this product!

I hope to remain forever teachable! I was extremely excited to stumble across this incense while at the Denver Gem Show. I was actually trying to hunt down something else and discovered this in a dealer's booth. I asked what it was for and was delighted to know it was for cleansing and purification. I light this in my studio every time I'm giving tarot readings. It cleansing the space between readings and invites the ancestors to come in and sit besides me. I am channeling their messages after all!

Please heed my warning: Give thanks to the ancients before lighting this incense. Handmade in Mexico, it carries with it some powerful energies. I'm actually unable to light it properly until I give thanks. Try it sometime and you'll see what I mean. Wow!