Copal Incienso Maya (Copal Incense)

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Immerse yourself in the ancient ritual of purification with Copal Incienso Maya. As you delve deeper into your healing journey, the power of this sacred incense, revered by Mayan, Inca, and Aztec ancestors, stands by to clear away energies that no longer serve. Handcrafted in Mexico, each stick embodies the pure essence of the copalquahitl tree's resin—a testament to time-honored traditions. As its smoke rises, let it be a bridge to bygone eras, reminding you to honor those who came before.

Within this package, you'll find 8-9 artisanal incense sticks, with each one offering 2-3 hours of transformative energy cleansing. Elevate your aura and invite age-old wisdom into your space each time you kindle this exquisite incense. Bask in its clarity and let the past converse with the present in every aromatic whisper.