The Fountain Tarot

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The Fountain Tarot mixes classic symbolism with contemporary art. As described by its creators, “The Fountain Tarot lives and breathes the universal and unnameable force of which everything and nothing are a part.”

The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and Guidebook includes:

• 79 silver-gilded cards with original oil paintings and die-cut rounded corners
• 112-page guidebook
• Holographic shimmer box with magnetic-closure and lifting ribbon

If you're ready to look into the metaphyhsical mirror, you're ready for this deck. Honest and poignant, this deck cuts straight to the heart and makes you reexamine the archetypes from the tarot that you thought you knew so well. A wonderful deck for a more advanced reader looking to expand their understanding and go deeper.


Why we love this product!

This deck was created from a collaboration of three artists and authors: Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro. We really appreciate how they came together to build something very cohesive and visually stunning. The imagery is from original oil paintings! I also have a fondness for their mission: "Ultimately The Fountain Tarot exists to make a difference in people's lives - in your life."