The Midcenturian Tarot

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Love the Rider Waite Smith but looking for something a bit more modern? You’ve just found the perfect deck.

The Midcenturian Tarot is a gorgeous indie deck created by the very mysterious Madam Clara. Laid out exactly like the Rider Waite Smith, this deck brings a modern and abstract aesthetic to the class.  It has been stylized with the optimism and whimsy of mid-century design.

Composed of 78 cards like a traditional tarot deck, the bright colorful front is accentuated with a dynamic yellow backing and gilded gold edges. It comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with magnetic closure. Each deck also includes a velveteen bag with an embroidered gold eye, a nod to “Madam Clara Sees All” This deck also includes a short, but helpful mini guidebook outlining all of the cards' meanings. 

This is a wonderful deck for tarot readers of all skill levels. It follows the format of a traditional Rider Waite Smith giving you the foundations of tarot, but in a bright and vivid format.


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