The Muse Tarot

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The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne offers a modern take on the tarot using bright colors and vivid imagery. This magical and mystical deck lets us wander and roam in a world with no rules and freedom reigns supreme.

Chris-Anne's modern take on the tarot offers us the Cups as Emotions, Wands as Inspiration, Swords as Voices and Pentacles as Materials. These brilliant and vibrant cards and accompanying guidebook offer us a different way to look at these ancient symbols, one that allows us to participate a bit more in this playful wonderland of spirituality. This deck has the standard 78 tarot cards and an accompanying guidebook.


Why we love this product!

Take a closer look at the Hanged Muse. Who do you see? Why it's Chris-Anne, the creator, in the flesh. We love how she playfully snuck herself into the deck. She is brilliant and we would love to meet her someday!