5 Crystals for Creativity

5 Crystals for Creativity

Feeling uninspired? Stuck in a rut? Perhaps it’s time to put some focus and attention on your creative pursuits. Many of you will exclaim, “But I’m NOT creative! I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Not true my friend, not true.

Creativity is defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas.” It can often relate to our artistic pursuits but not always. Creativity is what helps us solve problems, think outside of the box and handle big life challenges with grace and ease. It’s at the core of our human experience. We are not robots. We are magical, beautiful souls yearning to express ourselves. Whether that be an oil painting or an innovative math equation that will solve a big problem, creativity is what sets us apart. It’s the fire within us all.

Listed below are the stones I reach for when I find my spark is fading. Maybe you’ve been doing too much adulting. The bills, the job, the carpool, the responsibilities. It can be overwhelming at times at the amount of things we’re expected to accomplish in a day. When I find my system overloaded I make time for some quiet meditation. And I usually reach for a stone that has some big and bright colorful energy. It helps me remember the miracles of each and every day. It reminds me of the magic of LIVING. I hope these stones encourage you to do the same.

Carnelian for Creativity


That primal, sensual, animalistic passion lives within us all. Carnelian is here to remind you of those natural urges. Whether you decide to bring this metaphysical beast into the bedroom or use it in your artist studio, there is no denying that carnelian has a lot to say. It’s not a shy or subtle stone with its energy. It’s loud, proud and ready to shake things up. I like to think of carnelian as rocket fuel for my passions. It’s tapping into that root chakra where we develop the understanding of feeling safe and secure. Safety is so very sexy. When we feel secure, there is no stopping us. We can let our more vulnerable side come out to play. This is a great one for sex magic, bringing back the spark in a romantic relationship and helping you move through any creative blocks. Ready for that artistic brainstorm? Put some carnelian in your space, take a few deep breaths and see what floats in.



I’ll be honest. Pyrite is so intense that it often can give me a headache! I like to use my pyrite pieces in small doses. When I’m not using them intentionally they can be found in a closed felted box. It doesn’t have this effect on everyone, but I’m extremely energy sensitive. However, when I invite pyrite into my intentions, I’m never disappointed. This bad boy is here to help us heal and empower our solar plexus. This energy field of the body is associated with our personal power. It immediately conjures up images of the King or Queen of Wands for me. It encourages us to step fully into our power. It’s time to stop playing small. You don’t have to dim your light for anyone. If you’re “too much,” tell them to go find less. Unfortunately not everyone has the lights on in this world. They have yet to wake up from the dream. Sometimes your magic can scare other people, but that’s not your problem. Your job is to be unapologetically you in all your glory. Pyrite can help you do that.

Golden Healer Quartz for Creativity

Golden Healer Quartz

This is in my top five crystals of all time. We all have our favorite flavors of ice cream and the same goes with crystals. I absolutely love the energy of this stone. It’s warm, inviting, soothing and positive. It gives me big “everything’s going to be okay" vibes. They call it the golden healer as it’s a great stone for lightworkers. Much like the Ace of Cups in tarot, it reminds us that we must fill our emotional and spiritual cups before we have anything to give to anyone else. This pure golden ray of spiritual light is here to assist you with healing.. It brings people and the collective energy of the planet back into the alignment of what it was meant to be.

This stone of angelic awakening and ascension, it brings your will and that of the universe into perfect alignment. With this gorgeous crystal you step into a space of expansive co-creation. It ignites your passions and helps you express yourself in a loving and powerful way. I could seriously talk about golden healer all day long. It’s such a magical stone.

Amethyst for Creativity


Amethyst is one of the most underrated stones in the metaphysical community. Perhaps it became too popular and trendy so we started to step away from its brilliance. First off, how magical is our Universe that it decided to paint in purple! The bright violet hue of amethyst is natural and magnificent. We take it for granted these days as there are so many man-made stones available on the market. When I find a spectacular piece of amethyst I love to pause to admire its beauty. This stunning sparkly rock is here to help us heal and open up our crown chakra. This energy field is associated with ascension and connecting deeper to the Divine. When you are looking to deepen your creative abilities, who better to connect with than that of the unseen? Your Guides are always around you, just waiting for a moment to step in and help. All you have to do is ask. Amethyst reminds you that the more you invite in the Universe to your creative process, the more profound the results.

Fluorite for Creativity


I’m not gonna lie, I might have to include fluorite in every crystal blog I create. People don’t realize how powerful and versatile this stone can be. Fluorite is a wonderful stone for clearing negative energy. It offers you a spiritual energy shower of bright light and pure truth, allowing you to step back into the flow. It offers a sense of freedom that your soul has been craving.

Fluorite takes its name from the word 'flux' meaning it's all about the flow. This psychic vacuum cleaner cleans out negative thought patterns. It also helps organically remove toxic people or situations from your life. Fluorite is associated with the element of wind. It gently blows away any of the dust and debris as it's interested in creating intelligent order. Green fluorite is a heart opener. It helps your heart and mind communicate with ease, helping to bring your manifestations into your life with more grace and ease. Purple fluorite is ideal for purification and for enhancing mental facilities. Combined together they are a powerhouse of metaphysical energies here to help cleanse your auric field and supercharge your creativity.

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