Crystals for Dreamy Sleep: Uncover Your Perfect Sleep Stone (with a Bonus!)

Crystals for Dreamy Sleep: Uncover Your Perfect Sleep Stone (with a Bonus!)

Back in the day, I went to visit a friend who picked me up from the airport looking utterly exhausted. "What's wrong?" I inquired. They confessed they hadn't been able to sleep for the past week, and it was taking a toll. Later that day, as they gave me a tour of their home, I noticed the pyrite tower I had sent them sitting on their bedside table.

"Of course, you're not sleeping!" I exclaimed. "Pyrite is one of the most high-energy stones we can work with. I keep mine in a box when I'm not actively using it. Pyrite is all about passion, focus, and drive!" They chuckled, breathing a sigh of relief, and then quipped, "Well, at least I know why the sex has been so great lately."

What crystals you keep in your bedroom really can make a difference. If you've stumbled upon this blog, you're likely an awakened soul on a spiritual journey of self-development—or at the very least, you've come to terms with being an empath. This means you feel energetics very deeply. You can walk into a room and immediately sense the vibe. Let's take stock of what you're keeping in your bedroom to ensure you're getting restful and restorative sleep. After all, you have big things to do in the world, and sleep is one of our most important self-care tools.

Personally, I only keep two things in my bedroom: a huge chunk of selenite sourced from a family run mine in Arkansas (it holds special meaning for me) and a ton of lepidolite. Take the time to experiment and see what works best for you. I can't have anything else in there, or it keeps me up, but I've always struggled with my sleep cycles. Just remember, for the bedroom: less is more. If you want to display your crystal collection, find a place that can handle all that high-frequency energy, like your office or a living room.

To assist you in achieving peaceful slumber, I've compiled a list of eight magical stones and minerals. I hope you’ll consider placing one of these on your nightstand before you drift off to sleep this evening. Crystals have powerful, yet subtle, energy that is here for your highest and greatest good.

Selenite - cleanse and clear

Lepidolite -  soothe and quell anxiety

Celestite - open up communication with your Guides

Green Calcite - for heart chakra healing and activation

Pink Opal - enveloping you in unconditional love

Howlite - a metaphysical balm for your nervous system

Amethyst - crown chakra healing and activation offers vivid dreams

Copper - stress relief


I firmly believe that you can never have enough selenite. This stunning, self-cleansing crystal graces every corner of my home. Similar to quartz, the master healer, this crystal is dedicated to clearing out stagnant energy. It's like a beautiful energetic reset, ready to envelop you in bright white light. Placing it on your bedside table makes it easy to grab and work with daily. If I remember, I pick it up in the evenings and lay it gently on my chest as I wind down for the night. It helps wash away any sticky energy I've picked up during the day and returns me to center. More often than not, I find myself working with the stone in the morning while slowly sipping a cup of coffee. It's a great way to reclaim your energy, start the day off with a clear mind, and begin anew. Selenite is awesome because it's self-cleansing, making it a lazy girl's dream come true (raise your hand if you're always forgetting to cleanse your crystals). While I could write a whole blog about selenite, when it comes to improving your sleep, this crystal is your new bestie. Dedicate time to work with it every evening or morning and see how it resets and balances your sleep cycles. It'll have you saying, "Wow, crystals really DO have energy!"


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know about my deep love affair with lepidolite. Touted as the “lavender” of crystals, lepidolite offers tangible comfort and support in crystalline form. I always keep it in my bedroom, and I truly notice a difference. As a trauma survivor dealing with cPTSD, it's something I may have to work on for the rest of my life. While my triggers soften and I continuously acquire more tools through therapy and somatic work, my nervous system still gets disrupted quite frequently. The other day, a group of teenagers in my neighborhood were loudly messing around and screaming at passing cars. While others may have been startled, my body became stuck. A crystal is NOT a cure, but it is a wonderful tool to have in your toolbox. I love holding this stone over my third eye or heart and offering myself the simple yet effective affirmation: “Everything is okay. You are safe.” This crystal has been one of my favorites, personally invaluable on my healing journey, and I can only hope it offers the same support to you.


When you pick up a piece of celestite, the first thing you'll probably notice is its spectacular sparkle. Then, you'll remark on its weight. As one of the densest stones in the crystal kingdom, I love the heft of this celestial blue beauty. There's something mighty and comforting about a crystal that appears compact in stature but packs a big punch. Celestite derives its name from the celestial heavens. Healing and activating our throat and third eye chakras, this gorgeous crystal is intent on guiding us out of our heads and back into our hearts. It teaches us to trust and remember that everything unfolds in divine timing (read: not always OUR timing). Similar to the Temperance card in tarot, it reminds us that we may not always perceive everything in this three-dimensional reality, but it doesn't mean that our guides don't hear us or that they're not present. They simply have something even better in store. When I hold this stone, I feel enveloped in a compassionate hug that whispers, "Hey girl, we've got your back. Let go and let us take the wheel." It's like a tangible form of a childlike lullaby, soothing you gently to sleep with the promise of beautiful dreams.

Green Calcite

Calcite often gets overlooked, overshadowed by trendy stones like moldavite with their larger-than-life energy. However, I'm a cheerleader for the subtle stones. It seems a bit silly that a slower vibration is deemed less desirable than something moving more quickly. If you're open to it, consider changing the channel and giving the frequency of green calcite a chance. This stone has much to offer if you're willing to slow down and let its vibe wash over you. Green calcite, with its focus on heart chakra healing and activation, is dedicated to creating more loving flow. It's a wonderful addition to your practice if you struggle with opening up or being vulnerable. Personally, I like to keep a piece of it in my purse and frequently find myself sharing it with others who could benefit from its properties. Placed on your bedside table, it acts as a beacon of hope for a better world. While you can't control the actions of others, you can still consciously choose love—a beautiful daily reminder that our thoughts shape our reality. Sometimes, I clear out all the other stones in my bedroom and create a pile of this green magic on my nightstand. It proves especially useful on days when negative thinking takes hold, helping me return to my compassionate self and rekindle love for everyone, most importantly myself.

Pink Opal 

When considering a stone for self-love, many of us instinctively reach for rose quartz—and rightfully so! However, I urge you to earnestly contemplate the healing potential of pink opal. Pink opal embodies the essence of an older, wiser friend who has weathered life's storms. Whether it's heartbreak, grief, or job loss, pink opal has gleaned invaluable wisdom from firsthand experiences and stands ready to guide you through. With a focus on emotional healing, pink opal serves as a metaphysical balm to soothe your soul and lead you to brighter horizons. In times of crisis, pink opal is the first stone I recommend, but its benefits extend beyond the dramatic. If you find yourself consumed by anxiety or worry, instead of endlessly scrolling through your phone, I encourage you to reach for pink opal. Embracing its gentle energy may stir tears as it facilitates the release of what no longer serves you. Allow those tears to nurture the garden of your soul as you drift into peaceful sleep. Remember, you're capable of facing life's challenges, but adequate rest is essential before diving back into its ebbs and flows. Pink opal stands as the nurturing elder sister you never knew you needed, making it a cherished addition to your bedroom, especially during times when you crave its wlite

Want a more restful night of sleep? Consider putting a tumble of howlite under your pillow. Focused on relieving stress and anxiety, howlite is intent on bringing you back to your inherent state of serenity. Great for those who anger easily, howlite is a soothing substance that we didn’t know we needed. When you get a cut or scrape you’ll apply an antibacterial ointment and a bandaid to speed up the healing process. Howlite offers us the same assistance, but in the realm of the metaphysical. Howlite wants to help you heal. One of the most revered stones in the sleep category, howlite might win first place when it comes to peace of mind. Try bringing howlite into your bedroom and see if you notice a difference. While it’s energetics might be subtle, its results are palpable. unconditional love and care the most.


Looking for a more restful night of sleep? Consider placing a tumble of howlite under your pillow. Focused on relieving stress and anxiety, howlite is dedicated to restoring your inherent state of serenity. Ideal for individuals prone to anger, howlite serves as a soothing substance we didn't realize we needed. Just as you apply antibacterial ointment and a bandage to hasten physical healing, howlite offers similar assistance in the metaphysical realm. It aims to facilitate emotional healing and inner peace. Renowned as one of the most effective stones for sleep, howlite may take the top spot in promoting peace of mind. Introduce howlite into your bedroom and observe the potential difference it brings. While its energy may be subtle, the results are undeniable. 

You deserve a peaceful night’s sleep. Let howlite show you the way.


Interested in lucid dreaming or astral projection? Amethyst is your go-to crystal. Focused on crown chakra healing and activation, amethyst can elevate your consciousness to new heights. It's a fantastic addition to your bedside table as you slumber. Amethyst also carries a protective energy. While it may not repel negative people like its cousin black tourmaline, amethyst helps safeguard us in the spiritual realm. It's a valuable tool for spellwork and enhances sleep quality. Considering we spend about a third of our lives asleep, why not invite a crystalline talisman dedicated to protecting your soul and deepening your awakening? Personally, I find amethyst can sometimes disrupt my sleep patterns (I'm a light sleeper), but many clients swear by its benefits. Give it a try in your bedroom and see if it resonates with you. Reflect on your dreams from last night—what messages were they conveying?


Though not a crystal in the traditional sense, copper is a metallic powerhouse with the potential to reset your sleep cycles. My introduction to this majestic metal came from a client's crystal request form. Alee had specifically asked for copper to aid her sleep, sparking my curiosity. Intrigued, I acquired a box of specimens, and since then, copper has become a permanent fixture in my bedroom. Known for its purported ability to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and restore energy balance, copper engages in deep healing while we sleep. While I'm not a medical professional and typically steer clear of discussing the physical healing properties of crystals, the innate healing abilities of copper are undeniable. Consider adding a piece of this golden glow to your bedroom and share your experience. You may find yourself becoming as enamored with copper as I am. Please note: I only procure copper a few times a year, as I am meticulous about sourcing. Feel free to check back or reach out if you'd like me to keep an eye out for it during my next buying expedition.

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