Mohs Scale (Hardness) = 3.5

Astrological Association = Capricorn

Keywords = transformation, heart opening

Locale = Congo, Gabon, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, Russia

Composition = copper carbonate hydroxide mineral

Malachite is here to help create flow.

A powerful talisman, malachite is a gorgeous stone that invites in abundance and prosperity. It helps us move away from old patterns and false beliefs that are keeping us stuck. It helps us hack the subconscious and move into a more expansive and hopeful space.

Try laying down, closing your eyes and putting malachite over your heart. As you breathe deeply you can ask this stone to assist you in your beautiful metaphysical metamorphosis. If malachite has entered your life you are ready to let go and surrender. You know this is not working for you and you need to change. Often all we have to do is admit this out loud and let malachite take the wheel. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this stone can help you shift energetics in your life.

This is a powerful stone for anyone on a healing journey who is interested in the following:

  • Ending codependent behavior
  • Letting go of false narratives
  • Removing blocks and moving forward
  • Rewiring old patterning
  • Inviting in abundance, prosperity and luck