Shatter Your Money Blocks: 5 Crystals for Financial Liberation

Shatter Your Money Blocks: 5 Crystals for Financial Liberation

Struggling with money is a common experience; you're not alone. For centuries, money has been a tool for control and punishment, often leaving us entangled in its complex energies. However, distancing ourselves from this essential tool does us no favors. Ready or not, survival on this unpredictable planet requires money. It's crucial to reassess our relationship with money and begin afresh.


Our discomfort with money often stems from deep-seated issues of self-worth or acceptance. Many harbor subconscious beliefs of unworthiness that obstruct our financial flow. This week, I aim to tackle the top five misconceptions that block our path to prosperity. I'll share my favorite mantras and crystals for attracting wealth. It's time to break free from our financial constraints and embark on a journey of fiscal healing. Remember, you are deserving of wealth.



"I’m an imposter."

Did you know that imposter syndrome primarily affects successful people? This irony always brings a smile to my face. Consider this: you must reach a certain level of success to feel like a leader who's deceiving everyone else. I can't name a single business owner or leader who hasn't felt this way at some point in their career. When these daunting thoughts creep in, the stone I reach for is Citrine. This beautiful, natural orange-brown quartz is known for its transformative properties, particularly useful in overcoming self-doubt. Citrine begins its journey as amethyst, transforming under intense heat within the earth into its vibrant golden hue. It doesn't pretend to be something it's not; it embraces its identity as a radiant symbol of prosperity. Often hailed as the merchant's stone, it was common for shops to place Citrine in their cash registers for good fortune. I encourage you to explore the power of this crystal. Hold it in your hand or place it on your money altar and affirm: "My contribution is valuable."

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Green Aventurine

"I’m not worthy."

This sentiment deeply resonates with me. As someone who has navigated the journey from surviving childhood abuse to thriving, I've learned the importance of reparenting myself with compassion and kindness. Experiencing neglect to such an extent leads to developing an insecure attachment style, where you're constantly seeking external validation of your existence and worth. The turning point comes when you begin to look inward or connect with something greater than yourself. Spirituality, in its myriad forms, is founded on the recognition of a force far grander than any individual, governing the cosmos. Regardless of one’s beliefs, from atheism to devout Christianity, there's common ground in acknowledging that we are not the ones who cause the sun to rise each day. This Higher Power, or Higher Self, invites us to rediscover our connection with the universe's immensity. Green Aventurine extends to us its supportive, kind, and nurturing energy, embodying the nurturing essence of the Queen of Pentacles. This crystal, like a universal mother, aids us in loving ourselves and recognizing our magic. You are here for a reason; your soul chose this precise time and place to incarnate. Hold Green Aventurine and embrace the mantra "I am." Repeat it until you reach a realization where your mere existence affirms your worthiness.

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"Rich people are jerks."

This statement could hold some truth, but isn't it possible it also hints at jealousy? It's important to recognize that wealth doesn't inherently make someone unkind, just as lack of wealth doesn't guarantee kindness. This misconception creates a false link between one's financial status and their moral character, revealing the deep-seated biases that hinder our financial flow. If you found yourself smiling or nodding at this statement, it's time to confront how damaging such a belief can be. Believing that wealth is synonymous with being unkind, especially if you're committed to self-improvement, suggests to your subconscious that it's safer to stay financially modest. After all, you're kind and self-aware, and wealth isn't meant for people like you, right? Herein lies the flaw. Obsidian, a mesmerizing stone formed from volcanic ash, is my go-to for navigating this issue. Its primary purpose is to reveal and help us move beyond patterns that no longer serve our highest good. I recommend using obsidian in meditation to uncover and challenge the detrimental stereotypes that contribute to financial stagnation. Look for examples of wealthy individuals making positive impacts with their resources. Embrace the mantra: "Wealth loves everyone, including me."

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"I’ll never be wealthy."

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I offer my clients is the power of words as spells. Each thought you entertain carries energetic weight, with thoughts manifesting into reality. Hence, it's crucial to foster positive ones. For those who lean towards pessimism, like myself, Sunstone can be a transformative addition to your toolkit. My natural tendency has always been to brace for the worst, a strategy that served me well in childhood to avert crises. Nowadays, my focus is on reprogramming my mindset towards optimism. In this journey, Sunstone proves to be incredibly beneficial. It radiates positivity, optimism, and support, working to enhance energy flow and open up new spaces. If Sunstone hasn't been on your radar, now might be the perfect time to explore a new dynamic with this vibrant orange gem. Clasp a piece of Sunstone and affirm: "I have evidence that I deserve to be wealthy." You needn't look far to find individuals who've amassed wealth with minimal effort. If the universe has lavished them with abundance, why not you? The fact that it hasn't happened yet doesn't preclude it from being just on the horizon.

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"Money is stressful."

Admitting this feels validating because, as I acknowledge it, part of me vehemently agrees. However, let's explore a different perspective for a moment. What if the belief that money is inherently stressful was instilled in you by your parents? I understand the inclination to dismiss this as blaming, especially for those currently facing financial hardships and might be tempted to toss a crystal at me in frustration. But hear me out. Whether your bank account reads zero or brims with millions, your perception of money can range from stressful to exciting, from daunting to exhilarating, from oppressive to opportunistic. I've encountered individuals with vast wealth who live in a state of constant stress, as well as those with modest means who experience genuine happiness. The notion that money is stressful is a choice. Money, in itself, is neutral—a mere tool. It's we who imbue it with emotional significance and power. Consider this: spending hours in distress won't settle your bills. They will either be paid, or they won't. And believe me, I've been in that uncertain place, wondering if I could afford fuel for my car.

To challenge and possibly transform this deeply ingrained misconception about money and stress, turn to amethyst. This powerful, protective stone is celebrated not only for its ability to connect us more profoundly with the divine but also for its stress-reducing properties, guiding us back to a state of joy. Hold a piece of amethyst, close your eyes, and proclaim "In this moment I have everything I need." Patience is key here. Wait for the true essence of these words to resonate with you, for the shift to occur genuinely. It may take some time, but the realization is worth the wait.

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