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Are you an avid tarot reader? Want to learn? This carefully curated tarot journal by The Fountain Tarot will help you uncover insights you didn’t know were hiding. It will help you and your cards develop a deeper relationship.

This fabulous journal offers prompts and writing space to transform your tarot readings into a powerful tool as you chart your inner journey. Curated by the creators of The Fountain Tarot this journal has been created as an adjunct to their deck, however it gives you the freedom to use any deck of your liking.

In the beginning of the journal, the authors offer information on  tarot for beginners, including an introduction to tarot basics and detailed sample spreads and readings. This journal is also delightful for tarot readers of any skill set as the prompts, suggested spreads and powerful questions help you make tons of new discoveries about your deck and more importantly, about yourself.

This journal includes:

- Prompts for each week of the year
- Guides to 3-, 5-, and 10-card spreads
- Space to reflect on your readings and record insights
- Quarterly check-ins
- Card of the Year exercise



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