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The Inversion Tarot booklet and artwork is by Jody Boginski Barbessi. This deck is inspired by the artwork created in 1960 by Paul Mathison for the Rolla Nordic Tarot, and is based on the ancient Marseille tarot tradition.

The Rolla Nordic Tarot was conceived in the 1960s by Rolla Nordic (ne Murielle Doris Berulfsen) and illustrated by Paul Mathison. Originally created on white cards with black outlines, this fairly simple deck removed color so the reader could focus more deeply on the card meaning and channeling the correct message from the Guides. Jody Boginski Barbessi was inspired by this deck and took it a step further, inverting the colors so now we have a simple black card deck with white outlines. The original Rolla Nordic Tarot is out of print and is now a collectors item! Goes to show you that you should always hold onto your cards!



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