The Gentle Tarot- Linen Edition

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Bring some gentle awareness to your path of self-discovery with this soothing and colorful indie deck.

The Gentle Tarot is one of our ultimate favorites. When the new linen edition arrived we all had to have our own copy. The new card text is luxurious and easier to shuffle. The smaller card size is great as well as really allows you to play and connect with the deck!

This beautiful 79 card deck was created by Mariza Rye Aparicio-Tovar who is better known as ‘Mari in the Ski’. Living in remote Alaska, Mari found the divine in her surroundings and quickly realized they made up many of the archetypes that can be found in the tarot. 

In this gentle and thoughtful take on the tarot, Mari adds a new card to the major arcana. The court cards have changed to reflect Mother Nature. The page is now the seed, the knight is the root, the queen is the flower and the king is the harvest. Regarding the four suits, The Cups remain unchanged, as do the Wands. The Pentacles become The Stones and the Swords are now The Thunder. 

This stunning deck does NOT have a traditional guidebook included, however Mari includes 9 extra cards chock full of card descriptions and thoughtful tarot spreads. She even includes a card with a QR code for a more extensive guidebook that you can download online.

We recommend this deck to everyone, whether you be a beginner or an advanced. Mari thoughtfully chose color to help the visual learner. All Major Arcana have a purple edge, the wands have an orange edge, the thunder (swords) are yellow, the cups are blue and the stones are green. This paired with her helpful instruction and vivid imagery make it a fun deck to learn with. It also gives interest to the more advanced reader as it forces you to stop and contemplate the spiritual meaning a bit deeper. I mean check out the Two of Swords and what about the Strength card?! Would you have chosen that animal? It makes sense though doesn’t it!

We love this deck so very much and so do you. This is a variation on the original and we think she did an even better job, making the content just as good but allowing it to be a bit more affordable for us all.




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