The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot

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Welcome to a world where the goddess reigns supreme.

The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot (Artist Edition) features 80 tarot cards with gold gilded edges. It also includes a comprehensive guidebook with over 100 pages of card desctiptions, spreads and information about tarot.

Each card features the starry night sky which is symbollic of the vast and infinite unknown. The other imagery on each card varies as it embodies the archetypes of the traditional tarot with a focus on the divine feminie. The Page is now the Nymph, The Knight is the Warrior, the Queen remains steadfast and the King has been reclaimed as The Spirit. There are also major adjustments in the Major Arcana. The fierce and destructive Tower card is now the Revolution. The Hanged Man is now referred to as Meditation.

This is a wonderful deck for a more advanced reader looking to have a softer, gentler experience with the tarot. It could also be a fascinating deck for a beginner to try. Perhaps they've been at odds with more traditional deck and this will speak to them in a more heart-centered manner.


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