The Pacific Northwest Tarot

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Root your spiritual experience with the tarot in the gorgeous landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

This gorgeous indie deck by Brendan Marnell is a homage to the beauty of the region he calls home, The Pacific Northwest. These seventy-eight colorful cards paint a love story filled with vivid imagery of the wildlife that can be found in Brandan's native habitat. It immediately reconnects you to the beauty and the bounty of our stunning planet. It comes with a helpful guidebook, over 100 pages long, that includes card descriptions as well as mini stories for each card that bring the card meanings to life. This guidebook also gives a brief description of tarot and provides some helpful spreads.

This deck is a perfect choice for a beginner due to its bright colors and descriptive storytelling that helps root the tarot foundations in memory. It is also a thoughtful choice for someone who has a long history of reading tarot as the imagery varies greatly from a more traditional deck such as the Rider Waite Smith.



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