Chime Candle Set of 12 Colors

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Chime candles are a wonderful tool to use with spellwork. Candle magick can be done by anyone, whether you've had years of experience or if you're just starting out. Don't let them intimidate you. Candle magic has worked wonders in our lives. Everyone has to start somewhere! We highly recommend buying a book on candle magick as you embark on your journey, however there is no right or wrong way to practice witchcraft. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

The colors symbolize the following:

Black - remove negativity and add protection

White - blank slate that can be programmed with any intention. Also great for cleansing

Pink - self-love, self-acceptance - Love needs to start with self. If you're having romantic blocks start here first!

Red - Passionate, romantic love

Orange - Creativitity, pushing past creative blocks

Yellow - The golden color of prosperity in the far east, this is a good one for money spells if you're breaking old patterns and trying new things.

Green - Money, prosperity

Light Blue - Acts like an emotional balm. A great one to light if you are saying prayers for someone or wishing for peace.

Dark Blue - Helps us rebalance when life feels chaotic or overwhelming.

Light Purple - Think of the herb lavendar, this helps calm the emotional system down and find inner peace.

Dark Purple - Connected to our crown chakra opening and activation, this is the space when we can connect with the Divine and invite in their assistance.