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Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. Use these stones to help break the chains of anger and resentment and offer yourself the freedom of serenity.

Forgiveness is easier said than done. However, it's an essential practice not only for the greater good, but for our own mental, emotional and spiritual well being. How free do you want to be? Use these stones for your altar, in prayer or in meditation. Carry them in your bag and hold them in your hand when you want a gentle reminder that this work isn't easy, but it's always worth it. May it also remind you that you are not alone. We love you, we see you and we're here to support you.

Apache Tears - These rough cut black obsidian stones were named after the Apache grandmothers, mothers, wives and sisters who wept at the riverbank while their villages were destroyed. They have extremely powerful energy and offer a warning: do not let anger swallow you whole and strip you of your connection to the Great Spirit. This stone is said to help you relieve generational trauma as well as ease the triggers from P.T.S.D. This magical gemstone offers health, freedom and power.

Iolite - This dark purple stone helps clear obsessive thoughts, breaks down blocks in your way and creates space for forgiveness. It is also said to be detoxifying.

Rhodonite - This stone with a pinkish hue activates the heart. It helps with acceptance over situations we might not understand. It brings our self-justified anger into a place of compassion, tolerance and love towards others.

Gray Banded Agate - This stone cuts the cord from past trauma and manipulation. It is said to help you overcome physical, emotional, and mental poisoning. A wonderful stone for empaths to keep in their space.



Caring for your crystals goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a ritual that nurtures their unique energies and ensures they continue to resonate with you. It's important to remember, though, that not all crystals are water-friendly. Some, like Selenite, could actually dissolve or become damaged when exposed to water. Instead, consider alternative cleansing methods such as bathing them in the soft glow of moonlight or enveloping them in the purifying smoke of sage or palo santo. And when it comes to recharging, nothing beats the vibrant energies of direct sunlight or the grounding embrace of the earth. By attending to your crystals with these mindful practices, you're not just maintaining their physical beauty—you're also honoring their spiritual essence, creating a deeper connection between you and the natural world.

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