Rainbow Iris Agate Carvings

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Shape: Mushroom


Introducing the Rainbow Iris Agate Carvings, a collection of whimsical and enchanting crystal creations available in three delightful shapes: mushrooms, butterflies, and moons. Each piece resonates with a unique energy, inviting you to explore the beauty of nature and the cosmos.

The Rainbow Iris Agate Mushroom represents growth, harmony, and the connection to the Earth. Its vibrant colors and organic form inspire a sense of grounding and balance, reminding you of the beauty in the natural world.

The Rainbow Iris Agate Butterfly embodies transformation, renewal, and the embrace of change. With its delicate wings and graceful shape, it encourages you to spread your wings and explore the endless possibilities of personal growth.

The Rainbow Iris Agate Moon symbolizes intuition, dreams, and the mystical aspects of life. Its crescent shape and radiant colors invite you to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with the magic of the universe.

These crystal carvings are not only visually stunning but also serve as powerful symbols of personal growth, transformation, and cosmic connection. Choose the shape that resonates with your heart, and let it be a reminder of the beauty and wonder that surrounds you in both the natural and spiritual realms.


Please note that the rainbows are only able to be seen in natural light. Please go through all the pictures to manage expectations. These carvings are small but mighty!


Caring for your crystals goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a ritual that nurtures their unique energies and ensures they continue to resonate with you. It's important to remember, though, that not all crystals are water-friendly. Some, like Selenite, could actually dissolve or become damaged when exposed to water. Instead, consider alternative cleansing methods such as bathing them in the soft glow of moonlight or enveloping them in the purifying smoke of sage or palo santo. And when it comes to recharging, nothing beats the vibrant energies of direct sunlight or the grounding embrace of the earth. By attending to your crystals with these mindful practices, you're not just maintaining their physical beauty—you're also honoring their spiritual essence, creating a deeper connection between you and the natural world.

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