Tarot of the Divine

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Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani is a modern take on the tarot. This talented artist is inspired by deities, folklore and fairy tales from around the world to depict the meaning of the cards. Be sure to check out Beneath the Moon, the accompanying book containing all the stories in expanded detail. Yes, we carry it on the site!

This 78-Card Deck and accompanying guide book offer a fresh, new, and exciting take on the traditional tarot. The Hermit becomes Sleeping Beauty, The Lovers are transformed into Beauty and the Beast. I wish I could probably articulate the magic that went into this masterpiece. It's truly spectacular. I won't even try. Instead I'll let Yoshi explain:

"This deck was created as an homage to the stories we have told one another across cultures and throughout history. While each story is unique to a specific time and place, every culture has stories of bright young adventurers, forbidden doors, or promised lands. In this way, the Tarot of the Divine fosters appreciation of our differences and of the truth in our similarities."



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