The Starchild Tarot - Akashic

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Another gorgeous deck by Danielle Noel, The Starchild Tarot Akashic offers deeper insights into the tarot with a larger guidebook, updated imagery and additional meanings behind each card.

If you love The Starchild Tarot you will love this deck. The Starchild Tarot Akashic is the second version of the Starchild tarot deck by the same creator, Danielle Noel. It features the same 79 tarot cards, however many of them have been updated with additional detail. The guidebook is twenty pages longer offering additional wisdom about each card. These keys include: chakra association, gemstones, astrological, symbols and guides. The guidebook also includes a few new tarot spreads including The Akashmic Spread and The Metatron Spread. This is an absolutle masterpiece. It is highly recommended for someone who has been reading tarot for a little while and is looking to go deeper. It might be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, but maybe not. The imagery is just as moving as the descriptions.


Why we love this product!

Danielle assigns guides to each of the tarot cards. Many of the dieties we've never heard of before so it's been fun looking them up and getting to know all about them. There are so many spiritual guides that are an arm's length away, ready and willing to offer support. We just need to ask.