The Wanderer's Tarot

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Let’s connect to the dark side of the divine feminine with the Wanderer’s Tarot.

The Wanderer’s Tarot by Casey Zabala offers simplistic imagery for complex concepts. Encouraged to be used as a tool for personal self-reflection, this quiet and contemplative take on the tarot speaks softly but strongly.

Composed of 78 Cards, the majors remain mostly untouched. The wands (fire) become the feathers, the swords (air) become daggers, the pentacles (earth) become crystals and the cups (water) are represented by the moon. She also changes the Pages into Philosophers, Knights into Goddesses, Queens into Prophets and Kings are now Wanderers.

This deck does NOT come with a guidebook. It’s highly recommended that you pick up a copy of Tarot - No Questions Asked, if you’ve never played with the tarot before. It does however come with a beautiful foldout guide that reminds us of the early days of The Wild Unknown! It goes over the basics and is very thoughtfully done.



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