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Fluorite, derived from the Latin word "Fluere," meaning "to flow" or "melt," perfectly encapsulates its role in reducing the melting point of metals during aluminum production. Interestingly, fluorite was the first crystal discovered to exhibit glow-in-the-dark properties, inspiring the term "fluorescence." It’s captivating to illuminate a fluorite specimen with a UV flashlight and watch it glow!

Revered for thousands of years, fluorite appears in every color of the rainbow, once believed to be a tangible form of the rainbow itself—a sentiment both charming and poetic. The Ancient Egyptians carved fluorite into scarabs, symbols of transformation, underscoring its reputed ability to transmute energy, which adds to the significance of these artifacts.

In the 18th century, fluorite was pulverized into a fine powder and used as a kidney remedy—an application now recognized as toxic and strongly discouraged. The Ancient Romans fashioned drinking vessels from fluorite to symbolize wealth and prevent drunkenness; however, these are now merely museum pieces, as using them is unsafe.

Today, fluorite is celebrated for its stunning beauty and metaphysical properties. Often dubbed the 'genius stone,' it is believed to enhance mental clarity and deepen connections to the divine. Particularly valued for its ability to transform negative situations into positive energy flows, fluorite can have a noticeable impact. Try placing a piece on your desk in a shared workspace; you may find that the usual pessimists or gossipers who once frequented your area might keep their distance. Fluorite is also thought to aid in reaching higher levels of consciousness and facilitating spiritual insights. Why not see if fluorite is the missing piece in your collection?

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