Heart-opening. Transformation. Flow.



Does malachite evoke thoughts of royalty in you? It certainly has historical reasons to do so. Malachite was frequently embedded in the headdresses of pharaohs, entombed within their majestic sanctuaries, known to us as the great pyramids. It was believed to secure safe passage to the underworld for those adorned with it. Alternatively, the striking green hue of malachite might spark your interest in beauty. Ancient Romans would grind the stone into powder to use as eyeshadow! In ancient Russia, malachite was a coveted adornment within the opulent halls of palaces, celebrated as a symbol of immense wealth.

Fast forward to the present, and many of these beliefs continue to be revered, attributing metaphysical significance to this vibrant green gem. Malachite is acknowledged as a powerful heart opener, facilitating emotional flow. It's linked with prosperity, good fortune, and the healing of old wounds. We celebrate malachite, associating it with the Queen of Pentacles, embodying stability, strength, nurturing, and foundational qualities.

For any empath navigating the complex journey of self-discovery and healing, malachite emerges as a remarkable ally, unlocking deeper emotional realms and facilitating the healing of old wounds. This stone acts as a protective shield, guarding against negative energies and empowering empaths to navigate their surroundings with confidence. By encouraging introspection, malachite aids in the release of outdated beliefs and systems, illuminating the path toward personal growth and the embracing of new perspectives. Its energy supports a transformation that aligns one with their true self, fostering inner peace and a renewed sense of purpose.

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